ReWire for Luscious Wealth ~

Embrace your feminine power 

The new business paradigm from the inside out!

Do you feel deep inside that you are here on earth to make a difference? Do you want more money? This book is for those brave souls who are on the cutting edge, dissatisfied and heartbroken by the old paradigm, ready to embark on the new and longing for connection, meaning and fulfillment.

ReWire for Luscious Wealth explores what happens in your body and mind to limit, block or sabotage your flow of money. By understanding what is happening inside, you can change your external manifestation and become rich.

Turn your suffering and financial lack into the golden riches of love, joy and wealth.



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The Art of Radical Gratitude

Stunning photography and insightful writing illuminate the tools to change your life with gratitude.  The Art of Radical Gratitude –  delivers a simple and powerful discovery into your magnificence and power!

The latest scientific research reveals the key to change is to transform your neural programs. Without help, creating new neural pathways is like using a wooden toothpick to burrow through thick cement. With the technique of spinning gratitude, changing your niggling patterns is like slicing through warm butter.

60 full color photos!

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