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Creativity is a direct connection to the soul.

Art is where my intuition, guts and heart take over; my thinking is put aside, revealing the internal mystery. Cells, particles, atoms and the flow of energy, all in perpetual flux, are the subjects of my work. The dynamics of change are a constant source of inquiry and interest, ultimately revealing that which is beyond change.

This is a small sampling and overview of my creative process. Enjoy!

The Berkeley Years  1969 – 1976

I lived in Berkeley, California during the time of the Free Speech Movement, Hippies, flower power and Vietnam War protests.  As a statement of the times, a core group of four of us wrapped the iconic Transamerica Pyramid, downtown San Francisco, in hand-made sisal nets. The installation hung five stories high and covered the building around all four-city block sides. To me this project felt like we were wrapping the sharp linear lines of the building with curving undulating love.

My years of making lace, weaving, spinning, dying fabrics and yarn, and creating fiber art sculptures, prepared me to weave together DNA at the cellular level.

When I lived in Berkeley I had a near death experience that triggered a spontaneous awakening. This radically and permanently changed my life and how I perceive the world.


The Ph.D. Years  1982 – 1985

My doctoral dissertation started out with a series of drawings depicting my vision.  I studied quantum physics, psychology, biology, consciousness, cytology, shamanism, psychoanalysis and spirituality to explain my experiences and what I see. I wove together years of research in different sciences to create my thesis. Many of my hypotheses proposed in my thesis have now been proven in the emerging fields of molecular biology, brain science and quantum physics.

My Ph.D. in Cellular Transformation and the Psychology of Change opened the door for me to help thousands of people transform their lives. Visit Transformation Mentor to learn more.

The Color Years  1991 – 1993

Painting on silk is the closest I’ve come to replicate the luminescent colors I see.

When I started painting on silk I was astonished to watch the red move across the silk at such a speed to take over the other colors.  I studied the physics of color and in a vision I was shown how to mix the clear colors and how to create the color wheels. The color wheels evolved into the Color Personality Test.

The Radiation Years  1995 – 1997

I endured chelation therapy in an attempt to release the radiation in my body due to my father’s work building bombs. I had at least 100 shots throughout my body every week for over 1-1/2 years.  That’s about 7,800 excruciating shots.

Radiation dripped from my cells, fire jangled through my body, shock waves thundered through my nervous system. Unseen black tar oozed through my veins. Energetic hot molten lava dripped out my vagina and down my legs. At night colors pulsated through my body demanding expression.

As I painted with my hands, colors squished and oozed through my fingers releasing the energy I picked up from the 131 bombs my father built and watched explode. At the time I had no idea what I was painting, I just had to get the toxic radioactive energy out of my body. Most of the art I created I burned. The surviving pieces morphed into the Radiance Project.

The Erotic Years  2000 – 2005

Sitting in a tiny cave in a sacred mountain in Southern India I experienced a profound spiritual awakening. Halfway out my body, out the top of my head, connected to the divine, I was in a state of bliss, Samadi, nirvana, Satori.

The only problem was I was completely disconnected from the lower half of my body. This was the divine connection of patriarchy, leaving behind the feminine. The result was an exploration into my body to find the divine within.

The Gratitude Years  2006 – 2008

When I was sixty, I sold my house, put everything in storage and went traveling to see where I wanted to live. On my journey I discovered that my life savings disappeared in the stock market and almost everything I owned was stolen out of the storage company. I was homeless, penniless and in massive physical pain.

I saw no reason to live; suicide seemed the best option. And then, “Choose Gratitude”, erupted from my guts. I made a choice to live in gratitude, no matter what. Inching my way back from complete ruin, I was on the couch for months using spiraling gratitude to transform the deep devastation of total financial loss, the hopelessness of living in pain, and the heartbreak of loosing almost everything I owned.

Photography came to the forefront; I wanted to capture light to dispel my inner darkness. Miracles started to occur, the pain diminished.  When I wrote about frozen trauma in the body, a frozen face arose in the river. The spinning and spirals I was experiencing and seeing in my body appeared in my photos. My book The Art of Radical Gratitude emerged out of this process.

The Radiation to Radiance Years  1995 – Present

Awakening from Radiation – The Radiance Project, a multi-media art installation, invites the viewer to see war and peace from a new perspective, to transform consciousness, and to create a better world for all!

The Radiance Project Art Installation is a journey of personal and collective transformation. Art, photography, historical documents and a hand-painted kimono weave together the story of transforming nuclear radiation.

The DNA Years  2015 – 2017

In college I conducted masters level independent studies about RNA and DNA.  My continued fascination with DNA led me to creating DNA out of wire and beads. Ripping apart old keyboards and playing with the motherboards reflected the energetic motherboards created in early childhood that run people’s lives. I’ve discovered how to connect to the motherboards of the soul, rather than the old programs passed down through the generations.

I love watching my DNA transform as my life-long pain dissolves and transforms into pleasure. Read my blog about pleasure transforming DNA. Discover more here Transformation Mentor.

“Transformation is at the heart of everything I do.”

Dr Cynthia

If you would like to connect to your soul in a more profound way, transform some part of your life, or ignite your creativity, click on the links above to learn more.

To your unique creativity,

Dr. Cynthia

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