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Driving Through Space

from my upcoming memoir: Worn windshield wipers flap. A strip of wiper rubber snakes across the windshield whipping over built up frost. The defroster hums. Snow flurries melt on the windshield. The sun’s long rays illuminate the red and purple mountains,...

The River – Part 1

from my upcoming memoir: The River ~ 1976   The address I am given is an old farmhouse and barn on a large scruffy property. Tents and tarps cover the dirt. Wooden oars, rubber rafts, ammo cans, black rubber bags and life vests cascade from the barn. The outhouse is...

What’s in Your Reality Bubble?

Reality Bubbles   We each live in a reality bubble that dictates how we see the world. Thoughts, feelings, desires, fears, world views, personal experience and unconscious programs all make up your reality bubble and influence how you see and interact with...

#Me Too

Receive a FREE powerful visualization to energetically cleanse the sexual harassment and assault from your body. Create closure for the energy of sexual abuse and open the path for a new frequency of safety, pleasure and joy. Be a part of unleashing this wave of...

Pleasure Transforms DNA

Deep cellular transformation is a radical way to change your life, humanity and the world. The metamorphosis of DNA and neural programs is the game changer. Ancient fear programmed in humanity for eons is replaced with love. This is a process that only a few dare to...

Connect Your Motherboard to Your Essence

The neural programs in your body were connected when you were a tiny child. These programs are all based on other people’s beliefs, thoughts and programs. Basically your neural programs are running your life, and they aren’t even yours! When you energetically connect...

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