Dr. Cynthia

Transformation Mentor


I am an artist, a catalyst for evolutionary change and a doctor of Cellular Transformation.

Seeing in Cells

After a near death experience in 1974, a luminous bolt of energy shot up my spine and out the top of my head, igniting an entirely new world for me. Ever since then I can see cells, neural patterns, DNA and multiple dimensions and much more, all at the same time.

To understand and explore what happened in that life changing split-second, in 1985 I received a Ph.D. in Cellular Transformation and the Psychology of Change. My cutting edge dissertation wove together quantum physics, molecular biology, psychology, psychoanalysis, spirituality, metaphysics, and consciousness.

Guide into the Unknown

I am a guide into the wilds and one of the world’s first female white-water river guides. For five years I safely rowed my passengers through life-devouring rapids on the countries wildest and most dangerous rivers. The river experience opened my passengers into uncharted inner territory. I loved creating the journey for my passengers to experience great joy and inner transformation. I’ve guided people into the wilds of raw nature and lone inner landscapes for decades.

Inner Guide For over 35 years I have been in private practice rewiring neural programs all the way down to the DNA in thousands of clients with amazing results. My client’s lives radically transform as they evolve and expand into greater inner peace, joy and freedom.

Weaving the Pieces Together

Many years of lace making gives me the skill to energetically unravel the gnarled, twisted and encrusted nerve bundles locking in the past. My lifetime of sewing and playing with zippers helps me to unzip the shadows around your DNA and the zip in the codes from your soul.

Spiritual Awakening

Sitting in a tiny cave about the size of a bathtub, carved out of the core of sacred Mt. Arunachala, Tiruvannamalai, India, I had a spiritual awakening. For eight days and nights I was in the out-of-body state of ecstasy, nirvana, bliss, Samadhi, satori, and Oneness. This is the indescribable state of the mystics. Returning back to the States, the message was very clear, bring the divine into my cells and body. Follow the path through the feminine to embody light and pleasure.

Bombs and Toxins

My Dad, leaning forward in rapt attention, waiting to experience an exploding bomb. In all he witnessed 131 bombs explode.


I am the daughter of a man who built bombs for a living. He had front row seating to watch 131 atomic and nuclear bombs explode. And then he came home imprinted with massive radioactive energy. For much of my life I was violently ill with weapons grade plutonium poisoning. The horror, terror and trauma of the nuclear explosions was wired into my body.

Deep in my cells, I discovered how to separate the radiant light from the destruction of the exploded bombs.  I learned how to use the burst of light to transmute my body. I’ve devoted most of my life to alchemical transmutation.

After decades of medical treatments, healing therapies and spiritual practices, I discovered that connecting to the frequency of my soul was the key. My life-long pain diminished, inner demons dissolved, my contentment and happiness grew. The luscious wave frequency of my soul transformed the terror, fear and panic encoded in my nervous system into profound joy and delight.

World Travel

I love to travel. I was born and raised in Southern California. I’ve traveled the world and lived in Iran, Switzerland, India and currently live in magical San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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