Deep cellular transformation is a radical way to change your life, humanity and the world. The metamorphosis of DNA and neural programs is the game changer. Ancient fear programmed in humanity for eons is replaced with love. This is a process that only a few dare to enter, and yet, the rewards are beyond imagination. Magnificent body-soul connection, ancient wisdom and overflowing pleasure emerge and expand.


This is an excerpt from my work-in-progress memoir.

The other day after a session, my client asked, “What do you see?” When working with clients, part of what I see are luminescent streams of iridescent energy and my job is to pull words out of the ethers and bring them into form.

I am only at liberty to discuss the details of what I see and feel in my own body. Wondrous events are occurring. It started with a dark cloud of tiny dots covered in grime emerging out the back of my neck. These swooshed around and morphed into DNA. I was fascinated. Over the next weeks the process continued.




Almost every day a burst of tiny dots whooshes out of my body. The churning particles start to take form and twirl like the murmuration of a flock of birds. The swirling continues creating a new strand of DNA.

For a few days the tiny balls are red, yellow, blue and green. Over time the nuance of the colors becomes more luminescent. With each shifting of DNA, different colors appear, following a similar path of murmuration, like spiraling galaxies, turning into glistening strands of DNA. Neural strands curve together spiraling into DNA.

During early childhood my brain and nervous system formed and attached to one-size-fits-all blueprints of my family, religion and culture. Multiple layers of flat blueprints became a jumbled mess. Each blueprint layer required that I behave in a certain way and say the right things. These conflicting beliefs and patterns lead to inner confusion, anger and depression. This DNA is all twisted, imprinted with shadows from my lineage, encoded with pain, suffering and trauma through the ages.

The old blueprint is dissolving and replaced with the imprint and structure of my soul DNA. DNA curls around my soul blueprint encoded with the wisdom of my essence and my divine purpose. Rather than a flat, mechanical blueprint, this blueprint is a 3D, living, tree like light structure.

A few days later, the DNA weaves around the arms of my soul, like Shiva with thousands of arms, dancing through my body. The rigid gold statue of Shiva changes into the moving opalescent cords of my soul. My soul essence flows through the translucent cord that looks like a movable pillar of semi-transparent soul-flavored Jell-O. DNA envelops the Jell-O. The amino acids that make up the DNA are nurtured, protected and loved by my core essence.

The concept that my soul has my back is shifting. In the past a distant source floating around in the sky provided vague protection. Now my soul is entwined in my back, like a suit of armor, protecting and nurturing me. Instead of rigid embossed metal, this protection is soft, flexible and connected to my soul source.


Infinity Loops


Today more bursts occur. The tiny dots spread out into beautiful forms like the curving smoke of burning incense. More new DNA is created.

A black strip lies on top of a white strip creating a round cord. The conflicting energies of dark and light, masculine and feminine are clamped together with staples resembling a row of tightly packed metal teeth. The stapled tube creature crawls out my solar plexus beyond my body. I’m feeling no panic, just curiosity. When it curves up directed towards my head, I’m curious about where it is going and what it is. I send it blessings and gratitude.

The tube wraps around my head and dives into my solar plexus, then out my back, around my feet and reconnects in my solar plexus forming a figure eight infinity loop. The infinity sign transforms into soothing golden light.


Squirming on the floor, wiggling around and stretching I release more energetic blocks. The infinity loops around my body increase and morph into an atom. My body is the dot in the center. I am an atom of the universe, connected to all.

I’m thrilled to be witnessing my metamorphosis. As esoteric as this may sound, the opportunity to transform DNA is what I came to earth to do.

Together my soul and DNA spin, creating new pathways, making new connections, and building up bundles of nerves. The process feels like moving from one group of friends to another. In the first group are self-hatred, shame, guilt, anger, and blame. Each one bombards me with mental chatter and inner daggers.

The second group of friends is compassion, self-love, gratitude, and blessings towards my body, mind and soul. My inner dialogue shifts from making me feel worthless, unlovable and a victim, to loving myself and appreciating everything I’ve been through. The feeling is so joyful I find myself dancing around the house.

My inner reality is radically changing. Ancient fear subsides. A profound acceptance of who I am is emerging and the inner knowing that I am living my purpose. The world is seen from a new perspective, a new vision emerges. Clarity shifts into focus, like adjusting the lens on a camera.


Finding Pleasure


After seventy years, the pain in my skull is dissolving. The DNA is the final piece to shift from f&%#ing pain to joy. Over the years I’ve tried everything from the most respected Western medical doctors and specialists to alternative healers, shaman, and different healing techniques from around the world. Some with unusual consequences; acupuncture for my headaches sent me into a coma and a near death experience. Pain that has been with me for as long as I can remember is dissolving in the shifting DNA.

I’m riding the waves, turning pain into excitement. The pain builds, reaches a crescendo and crashes like waves on the beach, sending bundles of drops flying. It’s similar to when I was a white-water river guide, rowing my boat down the life-eating rapids of the Grand Canyon. Pain slides into pleasure, fear spirals into excitement.

The journey of following my inner pleasure, to shift fear into love, and pain into delight, is magnificent. Luminescent colors appear that don’t exist on earth. The extraordinary feeling expands titillating every cell.  Full body pleasure oozes, like after a fabulous full-body orgasm. Large waves of swirling dots dance through my body deliver flowing, curving, sensuous luxury.

This level of metamorphosis is a game changer. Ancient fear programmed in humanity for eons is replaced with love. The neural pathways, brain synapses and genetic programs change. A new network of neuro-circuitry in the solar plexus supersedes the reptilian fear based programs of the old brain. This is a process that only a few dare to enter, and yet, the rewards are beyond imagination. Magnificent body-soul connection, ancient wisdom and overflowing pleasure emerge and expand.


What are your thoughts about pleasure and transformation?

I’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments below. Thanks.

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