Life-Changing Soul Connection

a 12-week personal process with Dr. Cynthia

Your Metamorphosis:


  • Change your neural circuitry from fear to love
  • Connect to YOUR Inner Truth and Guidance
  • Live your Passion and Purpose

Follow Your Pleasure

The path of your delight leads to the greatest inner fulfillment possible.

Pleasure Transforms DNA

“The journey of following my inner pleasure, to shift fear into love, and pain into delight, is magnificent. Luminescent colors appear that don’t exist on earth. The extraordinary feeling expands titillating every cell.  Full body pleasure oozes, like after a fabulous full-body orgasm. Large waves of swirling dots dance through my body deliver flowing, curving, sensuous luxury.

This level of metamorphosis is a game changer. Ancient fear programmed in humanity for eons is replaced with love.”  An excerpt from my work-in-progress memoir.  Read more . . .

Love Your Life . . .

Cynthia, your work is the strongest I’ve found. I LOVE the irony too that your voice on the phone is so sweet, nice and flowery yet the work being done is a downright ass-kicking!

Your work, for me, IS at the leading-edge of our understandings in how consciousness transforms through all levels of our being.

Adam Gainsburg, Founder Soulsign

Live Your Dreams!

The one word I would use to describe Dr. Cynthia is EXTRAORDINARY! The inner and outer transformation I have experienced with her support has been nothing less than profound.

I am eternally grateful for the luminosity she offers into the world with her unique and unsurpassed creative and intuitive talents.

There are so few practitioners who really understand how to guide each individual through their own healing process in such a way that one feels empowered, inspired, enlivened and renewed each day.

My experience of working with Dr. Cynthia has led me to an inner peace, vibrancy and joy I never dreamed possible. Now I am living my soul’s true purpose with delight, filling my days with my passions and offering service to others through my profession.

The multifaceted and innovative process she offers is beyond anything else on our planet today. Don’t miss out on the chance to work with this extraordinary woman, and discover the magic that she helps you find within yourself!

Dana ~ San Diego, CA

Dr. Cynthia ~

your transformation mentor

My Story

I’ve been blessed with magical joyous delight, divine bliss and miraculous life events. I’ve also plunged into my depths with profound inner dives and emerged from the horrors of nuclear bombs, complete financial loss, sexual abuse and toxic radiation.

I know the process of transformation within my cells, neurons and DNA. Energetically streaming from terror to bliss, a new reality, aliveness and inner peace is revealed. Read Pleasure Transforms DNA, an excerpt from my work-in-progress memoir.

Check out my photo bio and my curriculum vitae to discover how uniquely qualified I am to be your guide and mentor.

Transformation is the essence of everything I do. I have developed a vast toolkit to assist with your life changing metamorphosis.

Your Journey . . .

My private mentoring program incorporates a variety of tools, processes, phone and Skype sessions, and much more to assist you to reinvent your life.

During the twelve weeks you will receive eight one-on-one phone or Skype sessions, individualized processes, art projects, journaling and inspired action steps, all specifically designed for you.

This process is like escaping from a scummy basement crawling with fear, uncertainty, and dread. It’s hard to see clearly; one bare light bulb hangs by a cord. The only window looks out to a blank wall. All the stuff that sabotages your life hangs out here. Terror lurks in the dark recesses and crawls up the basement stairs from time to time to harass you. Bolting the basement door doesn’t work.

Escape the horrors locked in the basement. Move to the safety and comfort of your soul. Your new soul residence is expansive; a light filled place that makes your heart sing.

Bit by bit, each piece of furniture needs to be cleared out of the basement and elevated to your soul residence. Some things can be used or upgraded, while old junk is thrown out.

As you journey forward, connected, empowered, and directed by your soul essence, magic starts to occur. Unexpected doors open abundance and love abounds. Your essence shines, lighting up your world.

Reconnect to Your Soul Power

Reconnect to your soul, gain clarity, inner direction and purpose!

  • For 12 weeks you will be held in an energetic cocoon of safety and love to support your process while your body connects to your radiant soul essence. This process goes deep.
  • You will receive 8 private phone or Skype sessions.  During the sessions the innate wisdom of your body leads the way for us to change your neural circuitry from fear to love.
  • Each session is recorded. Listen to the MP3’s daily for optimum results. Many clients say they love to listen to the recordings before bed to support the transformation taking place while they sleep.
  • Weekly emails with me:
    • Check-in to see how you are doing
    • Answer your questions
    • Give you inspired action steps
  • Amazing activities created just for you. Engage your soul essence to guide you to your dreams. I will assist you to open to receive your vision and inspiration with a variety of fun projects, journaling and unique action steps.

Invest in Your Future . . .



The benefits you receive from this life-changing work will continue throughout your lifetime.


Apply for this life-changing process.

I review each application personally before scheduling a phone Discovery Session. During the call your questions will be answered, we will discuss the price of shifting from fear to love, and explore this exciting process of our working together.

Get the support you need

Experience Dr. Cynthia’s life-changing work.

Discover more about what makes me uniquely qualified to be your guide and mentor. I would love to help you to connect to your own soul source energy, claim your full majestic power and consciously step into your multidimensional self. Apply NOW  

With love and blessings,

Dr. Cynthia

My clients say. . .

I was astounded! Extremely happy that it is INDEED POSSIBLE to heal the mind and create new neural pathways. My life has altered so deeply, I now experience the MAGIC that results on the other side of the battlefield of the mind. I can’t even explain it except to say, it’s a feeling that “I am infinite” in every moment of my life!

Thank you Cynthia. I know you probably hear this all the time, but I wish you could look into my being and see how much gratitude I have for the work you do.

Missy ~ Seattle, WA

Working with Dr. Cynthia is like stepping into a world that you didn’t even know existed. It is of this body and yet reaches into unknown realms allowing the dots to be connected in new ways and fundamental shifts in reality to occur.

For years now, I’ve known considerable financial challenges. With Cynthia’s help, I’m now living a new reality and a new life filled with abundance and love. Thank you!

Jean Marie ~ Vancouver, B.C. Canada

I can’t sing your praises enough. Literally, a miracle of abundance occurred within 10 minutes after we completed our last session. This happened after eliminating my personal blockages at being able to generate a better environment for my work and my assistant.

I was able to clearly, without hesitation or doubt, intend on creating a safe and comfortable environment to talk openly for the purpose of running the business more effectively and, of course, for conflict resolution. At that conclusion, the phone rang and I was offered a million dollar deal…which I closed over the phone!

How can I thank you enough, Dr. Cynthia…. you KNOW what to do, and what a great guide you are.

Denise – Independent Advertising Executive

I am simply blown away. More accurately I am blown home. The concept of meeting fear with radical gratitude is a magic bullet for me. My internal environment was raging and for the first time all the pieces were there to handle my situation. The panic was instantly replaced by joy: total confidence builder. My life has radically transformed.

Tears of joy flowing from deep gratitude,

Shannon ~ Aspen, CO

“Transformation is at the heart of everything I do.”

Dr Cynthia

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