Reality Bubbles


We each live in a reality bubble that dictates how we see the world. Thoughts, feelings, desires, fears, world views, personal experience and unconscious programs all make up your reality bubble and influence how you see and interact with yourself and the world.

Your Reality Bubble


You live in a reality bubble shaped by your culture, religion, race, family, education and personal experience. Some of these realities have beliefs, thoughts and ideals that conflict with each other. Internal tension arises when different reality bubbles collide inside your body. Most of the conditioning from these different realities are unconscious, leading to internal strife, low self esteem and fear.

Your reality bubble is shaped in childhood and runs your life until you change it.

There is no escaping living in a reality bubble, you can transform it, or take the quantum jump into a new one.


Your Choice


Your reality bubble is unique to you. Instead of trying to jam yourself into a reality that doesn’t fit, or one where large chunks of you are left out or shoved aside, choose the reality bubble of your soul.

Imagine being in a reality where it’s safe to be you, where your joy and gifts are fully seen, loved and accepted. What a radical idea!

Every religion, culture, country and family has a different reality bubble. Each culture and religion’s reality bubble is a closed system, with definite boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behavior, ideals, beliefs and practices. In each reality bubble there is only one acceptable reality.

We are led to believe there is a standard one-size fits all reality that we need to conform to in order to be accepted and successful. But, the problem is that everyone lives in their unique reality bubble.

Changing Reality Bubbles


Changing reality bubbles is like stepping from the pages of one book into the pages of another book, the book written by your soul, not some stranger. Become a different character in a new play. Leave behind the story of fear, pain and suffering.

Step out of the pages of one book, become the star character in another story. Become your full self, guided by your soul to fulfill your purpose and live your passion.

Why Leave the Old?


Why leave the old, familiar reality bubble? It becomes too uncomfortable, too limiting and tight.

Depression, fear, lack of self-worth or feeling empty inside can take over. Life reaches a point where it’s too painful not to face the inner gremlins and beliefs fighting with each other and you.

In the soul reality bubble, everything is welcomed with open arms. The yucky stuff transforms or dissolves in love and blessings and the good stuff becomes stronger.


Whose Reality are You Living In?



Which of these opposites do you experience the most?


fear takes over or mastery over fear

unworthy or valued and loved for who you are

feel lost and confused or living your soul’s purpose

unfilled potential or on track with your soul’s guidance

old patterns keep repeating or open to new possibilities

Ancestral programs, unconscious thoughts and ingrained behaviors don’t change on their own. I’ve developed cutting edge technologies to transform the neural patterns, thought bundles and cellular programs for lasting change to occur.


Your soul is longing to be seen. . .
Now is the time

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