Your Luscious Self

Light up the world!

You are invited to 'Your Luscious Self' ~ a 4-month VIP program

awaken your gifts ~ live your dreams ~ light up your world!

Your Luscious Self!

Your life is meant to be a joyful adventure.

Is your life a joyful adventure, or are you slogging through life?

Are you here on earth to be a part of the evolution of consciousness?

Do what you came here to do, while experiencing abundance and joy. The keys to your gifts and mastery are encoded in your DNA.

Your business is the next step in your spiritual evolution and the embodiment of your essence and soul. What a concept!

  • The purpose of your business is to share your gifts with the world.
  • Do what you came here to do, while creating abundance and joy.
  • The keys to your gifts and mastery are encoded in your DNA

Do you have a deep desire to be a part of the awakening of humanity? It is time to play BIG!

Read on to learn how this 4-month VIP program is just what you are looking for.

P.S. All the way at the bottom I’ve created a special complementary MP3 for you!

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your life’s purpose & work. . .

Dream Up

your lifeStyle business. . .


your creativity. . .

Weave Together

your unique gifts and talents. . .


your riches and wealth. . .

All of this is included in YOUR personalized VIP program!


Explore the Empire of Your Hidden Treasures

Did you know your lifeStyle and purpose are encoded in your DNA? When your life and business are lined up with your essence, you feel an ease and freedom that brings joy, delight and wealth!

As we explore and activate your DNA, your gifts start to emerge in a new way, your purpose is revealed, your life’s work becomes clear, and you joyfully manifest your riches.

“Dr. Cynthia is far beyond what passes these days for a healer. Working with her you are surrounded with a heart so big and an intelligence so deep that you’ll be pushing past your old limits and diving deeper into yourself than you ever thought possible or may even recognize while it’s occurring. The experience with Cynthia is one of transparent power especially valuable for those who no longer find it fun or even interesting to hold onto their story. Cynthia’s is the leading-edge of evolutionary consciousness.”

Adam Gainsburg


Dream Up

Dream up Your LifeStyle

Deep in your heart, essence and DNA are the roots of your perfect lifeStyle. When you are living your dream lifeStyle, life flows with ease. It feels like magic and synchronicities abound–opening doors for you!

We will create your business to fit your dream lifeStyle. Most people create a business first, and then try to fit in the lifeStyle they want. Or they wait to live their dreams after they retire!

When all the elements are woven together in the creation of your business, a magical alchemy happens. Your business really reflects your essence and attracts the right people to you to make it all happen.


Awaken Your Creativity

Your creativity holds the information you need to embody and manifest your business and wealth. By tapping into your inner creativity you unlock tremendous energy and power to propel you forward. The up-rising of your creative energy is the pipeline for your business and wealth to blossom! Your gifts are revealed through joy, art and play!

Messages from Within – Art, play and discovery!  Delightful processes reveal keys to unlock the secrets to your successful business and lifestyle. We use art to uncover your inner wisdom.

“I have the creative urge so strongly alive in me. I love the endless mysteries being revealed to me. My finances have changed dramatically for the good.”



Build Your Personal Style – Discover joyful ways to re-create your wardrobe. We explore what clothes make you look fabulous! Creating your personal style is a vital ingredient to building your business and brand. When your clothes are in alignment with your essence, you radiate confidence and power and you attract your perfect clients, your tribe, your peeps and your customers. Consider Dr. Cynthia as your personal guide for showing the world who you are!

Create Your Play Station – Your desk is the hub of your business. Does your desk support your wealth? When you sit at your desk how do you feel? Are you empowered, joyful and happy? Read below to discover how important your desk is.

“I can’t sing your praises enough. Literally, a miracle of abundance occurred within 5 minutes after we completed our session. This happened after eliminating my personal blockages. You also moved my desk a few inches and I felt centered, present and in total alignment with my work. The phone rang and I was offered a million dollar account…which I closed over the phone!

How can I thank you enough, Dr. Cynthia…. you KNOW what to do.  What a great guide you are.”

Susan B.


Weave Together







“Dr. Cynthia is an alchemist who turns the base metal of your unfulfilled lifestyle and business into the gold of your dreams. She inspires, energizes and makes the whole thing fun!”


Barbara W.

Portland, OR

Weave Together Your Business

The creative art process along with the personal sessions trigger new insights. Add your personal style to the mix and your unique business starts to gain clarity and emerge. Birth your business through your sensuous, flowing, multifaceted, talents and gifts.

Your hidden treasures, pearls of wisdom, heart and inner jewels bring great value to your business, so you can charge your true worth.

We  weave together a business structure big enough to hold your wealth, lifestyle, and your vision for a glorious world! Your love and joy flow out into the world lighting up everyone you touch.

Your business is the combination of your unique gifts tied together with love and held in the

container of your feminine essence.


Manifest Your Wealth

Take action! You will be guided to take weekly steps both internally and externally to manifest your wealth.

  • Clear old patterns around survival and lack
  • Experience your inner wealth
  • Action steps to manifest your riches

Expand Your Sphere of Influence!

“Dr. Cynthia, I have to tell you now everywhere I look I see things that I dreamed about having years ago. They just come to me effortlessly without asking for them. I did ask years ago and now they are showing up. Thank you, thank you!!!”


Durango, CO





Creating 'Your Luscious Self' has never been so much fun!

Life Changing Weeks

Personal Phone Sessions

Creativity Skype Sessions


Your Luscious Self

Turn Your Life Around!


Are you afraid to do what you really love?  It is scary to step into the unknown. You don’t see a model for what you want to do, you don’t know if can even exist. Your business probably doesn’t exist yet. That is because it arises from your essence, not some rigid structure imposed on you by others.

Is your business reflecting your greatest gifts and purpose to help transform the world? Or is there an inner nagging, depression or longing that isn’t being met?


Who are You?

How do you fully embody your magnificence?

Are your business and life up to speed with who you are?

What is your life’s purpose?

Are you being called to do bigger and bigger things?

Your contribution to the world starts in your body. It takes so much work to lock up, fight off and deny your essence. Loving all your parts, all your gifts creates amazing freedom and joy. I’m here to help YOU!


It’s not often one gets a chance to remove unconscious fear by the roots! Dr. Cynthia Miller adeptly provides such an opportunity through her gifts, experience and wisdom. She guides me to release my personal / collective fears – even at the level of DNA! Science has proven that attitude changes chemistry, therefore, I am no longer driven by Fears, but am experiencing new freedoms, ease and joys in my life AND in my body. I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.

Dr. Denise DOM







Take the step to live your life fully. I am here to guide you on the adventure of a lifetime.

It is time to do what you came to earth to do.

Trust your vision and inner knowingCommit to your financial success.

Your journey starts by getting the professional guidance you need to transform the blocks that sabotage your wealth and accomplishment.

Learn how to transform your fears to navigate the challenging rapids of life and your business with grace and ease!

Activate the codes for your business that are embedded in your DNA.

 You can create a cutting-edge, groundbreaking, lucrative business!

Cost Effective Solution


What is the cost of a lifetime of lost income due to your not knowing your purpose and life’s work?

What is the internal cost and stress of not living in joy and delight?

What is the increased income you will receive by gaining the self-confidence to create your brand and business in alignment with your essence and your DNA?

What is your lifetime financial gain by changing your wiring for luscious wealth?

Are you Ready to Transform Your Life?

  • Deep inside you know it is time to play BIG
  • Build a business you LOVE
  • Do what you came here to do!
  • Live in joyous FREEDOM!

This 4-month program includes:


12 Personal Calls:

During your personal call we activate your particular DNA sequences related to your life’s work, business, brand and purpose. We also reprogram the neural blocks that sabotage your wealth. Your old lack patterns are replaced with programs of wealth consciousness. This luscious activation is recorded and then as you listen to the MP3 every night, your cells transform as you sleep. How amazing is that? Listen to the sample MP3 at the bottom of this page!

4 Skype sessions:

The Skype sessions are designed to spark your creativity. Your creativity is the fountain of internal wealth that helps to transport your vision into reality.

Weekly Action Steps:

Every night listen to your personal MP3 from the comfort of your couch or your cozy, nurturing bed.

Worksheets, journaling and creative projects help you to dig deeper and to expose your brand, business and lifeStyle.

Exciting, fun and creative inspired action to manifest your brand, business and wealth!

Plus, action steps for you to gain confidence.


“The wisdom and skill Dr. Cynthia embodies and so graciously extends, provides a realm where you can release as much as you are ready and willing to and bring online light, love and grace-filled frequencies full of abundance and joy!

I feel quite blessed and grateful to have Dr. Cynthia’s empowering me to shed the old and embrace the new, the me my soul came here to be.  Thank you Dr. Cynthia!”

Mary M.

Boulder, CO





Make a commitment to your Self, your freedom and your prosperity!


Your Luscious Self is a fabulous dynamic program designed to radically transform your business and your lifestyle. The passion, presence and freedom of living your heart’s desires liberates your abundance on all levels!

 What are You Waiting For?

How long have you been waiting for this time to live your magnificence? Evolve into the newest, most advanced version of yourself and create the wealth you desire. Building your brand and business is an exciting adventure. This luscious program is filled with joy, fun and pleasure! Submit your application to see if you qualify for this amazing program.

Special Limited Time Offer!

~ normally $32,500.

only 2 spots left at the special price!

Your Luscious Self VIP Program $22,000.

The one word I would use to describe Dr. Cynthia is EXTRAORDINARY! The inner and outer transformation I have experienced with her support has been nothing less than profound.

My experience of working with Dr. Cynthia has led me to an inner peace, vibrancy and joy I never dreamed possible. Now I am living my soul’s true purpose with delight, filling my days with my passions and offering service to others through my profession. There aren’t enough superlatives in any language to describe how much I love, honor and admire Dr. Cynthia. The multifaceted and innovative process she offers is beyond anything else on our planet today. Don’t miss out on the chance to work with this extraordinary woman, and discover the magic that she helps you find within yourself!

Dana Kraft

Your Next Steps


1. Listen

Please listen to this complementary transformational MP3 before submitting your application. It is imperative that your body responds to this type of high frequency energetic awakening. Of course, your VIP weekly MP3’s will be specific for you!

“Dr. Cynthia, your work is the strongest I’ve found. I LOVE the irony too that your voice is so sweet, nice and flowery yet the work being done is a downright ass-kicking!”

Adam Gainsburg


Are you still wondering if this is right for you? The process of filling out and submitting the application will be very helpful to bring you clarity!

I would love to have the honor to work with you!

Questions? Send me an email!

3. Email & Follow Up Call

After I receive your application, we will schedule a Discovery Session call to answer all your questions. (Value $1200)

Read my bio to discover how amazingly qualified I am to be your personal guide!

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