Evolve into JOY and FREEDOM . . .

What does freedom look and feel like for you?


Freedom from:                                                Freedom to:

            Unworthiness                                                        Claim your worth

            Self-doubt                                                               Fulfill your purpose

            Fear stopping you                                                 Safely come out of hiding

            Failure to thrive                                                     Be wildly successful


Freedom to lusciously live your hearts desires

Freedom to fulfill your purpose with glorious delight

Freedom to create your version of heaven on earth

Freedom to expand into your outrageous full magnificence!




You are in the right place if you are ready for radical life change.

Connect the VISION of your Essence +

with your Life and Business = FREEDOM


Live in delight, joy and wealth on all levels!

The Star Power 5-point proven process to your FREEDOM

1. Inner Alchemy


1. Inner Alchemy

Re-wire the neural programs that sabotage your brilliance and wealth

Transform thoughts of lack of self worth into self confidence

Alchemically transmute your unworthiness into riches.

Activate the codes in your DNA to fully awaken your gifts and purpose

Magnetize love and money to you

“Dr. Cynthia is far beyond what passes these days for a healer. Working with her you are surrounded with a heart so big and an intelligence so deep that you’ll be pushing past your old limits and diving deeper into yourself than you ever thought possible or may even recognize while it’s occurring. The experience with Cynthia is one of transparent power especially valuable for those who no longer find it fun or even interesting to hold onto their story. Cynthia’s is the leading-edge of evolutionary consciousness.”

Adam Gainsburg

Founder Soulsign.com

2. Nurture Your Nest


2. Nurture your Nest – DNA Feng Shui

Create your home to provide the safety your body needs for deep change to occur

Structure your home and office to contain and nurture your life and business

Your space empowers you and informs your future based on your essence

Design a space to express your gifts and dreams encoded in your DNA

Feel love, joy and support

“Dr. Cynthia is an alchemist who turns the base metal of your unfulfilled lifestyle and business into the gold of your dreams. She inspires, energizes and makes the whole thing fun!”

Barbara W.

Portland, OR

“I can’t sing your praises enough. Literally, a miracle of abundance occurred within 5 minutes after we completed our inner alchemy session.  After eliminating my personal blockages, you also moved my desk a few inches and I felt centered, present and in total alignment with my work. The phone rang and I was offered a million dollar account…which I closed over the phone!

How can I thank you enough, Dr. Cynthia…. you KNOW what to do.  What a great guide you are.”

Susan, Seattle

3. Star Guidance System



 3. Messages from Within – Your Star Guidance System

Connect to and trust your own inner guidance

Use art and your creativity to decode your inner messages

Awaken your Star Guidance System to help you navigate your life

Receive direct messages from your own unique essence about how to manifest money and love


“I have the creative urge so strongly alive in me. I love the endless mysteries being revealed to me. My finances have changed dramatically for the good.” Diane


4. Dream up


4. Dream up Your Life

Manifest the VISION of your essence into your life and business

Live your purpose and contribution

Inhabit your unique life and be exactly who you are

Create your version of a magical life

Enjoy a life full of love and abundance

“Dr. Cynthia, I have to tell you now everywhere I look I see things that I dreamed about having years ago. They just come to me effortlessly without asking for them. I did ask years ago and now they are showing up. Thank you, thank you!!!”


Durango, CO

5. Strut Your Stuff


 5. Strut Your Stuff

Safely Come out of hiding

Express yourself with your clothes, lifestyle, business and brand

Create your style

Connect with your tribe and the people you are to work with

Expand into your amazing Star Power

Shine your light and live in the new paradigm!

It’s not often one gets a chance to remove unconscious fear by the roots! I am no longer driven by Fears, but am experiencing new freedoms, ease and joys in my life AND in my body. I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.

Dr. Denise


Each of the 5-points weaves together to create deep transformation.

This system molds to fit your unique Star Power soul essence.

Achieve profound results in 4 months – shift your life!






Embark on your journey into FREEDOM!

Star Power is a full program to literally transform your life from the inside out!





I am your guide into the unknown ~

your guide to freedom !


You don’t know what your life will look like because it has never existed before. You are alchemically creating your life and the world around you. You may not know what to do or how to do it, but you do know you came here to earth to help create a new paradigm and a new reality. You came here as a path-breaker to create your version of heaven on earth.


Star Power program includes:

  • This in-depth 4-month program includes up to four one-on-one calls a month. These calls will be either Inner Alchemy calls or Skype creative process calls.
  • The Inner Alchemy phone sessions rewire your body and are recorded so you can listen to one of the activating meditations every night. This ensures deep long lasting transformation and an alchemical transmutation in your body.
  • In the art sessions via Skype we explore your creative process and the evolution of your new life. These sessions are so much fun, very invigorating and empowering!
  • Each of 5-points in the Star Power system includes exercises, written materials, art projects, writing, ceremonies and rituals, and action steps for you to take.

Plus you receive the best of all that I have learned and created over the course of a very expansive life.

  Commit to Your Star Power!

The one word I would use to describe Dr. Cynthia is EXTRAORDINARY! The inner and outer transformation I have experienced with her support has been nothing less than profound.

My experience of working with Dr. Cynthia has led me to an inner peace, vibrancy and joy I never dreamed possible. Now I am living my soul’s true purpose with delight, filling my days with my passions and offering service to others through my profession. There aren’t enough superlatives in any language to describe how much I love, honor and admire Dr. Cynthia. The multifaceted and innovative process she offers is beyond anything else on our planet today. Don’t miss out on the chance to work with this extraordinary woman, and discover the magic that she helps you find within yourself!

Dana Kraft

Naturopath, DanaMedicinaNatural.com

 What are you waiting for?


Are you ready for your next breakthrough into a new reality?  This requires commitment. I work with only a few people a year with this proven life-changing program.

Only people who are truly committed to making the internal change from victim to freedom will be accepted.

The true value of this transformation is beyond words and wealth.

I have prepared for decades for this time. As an elder (I just turned 69), I have the depth and breadth of knowledge, expertise and experience necessary to guide your profound transformation. Star Power provides the tools to facilitate this transition.


Act Fast


There are only a few spaces available.


Claim your FREEDOM~

Freedom to be brilliantly, boldly, outrageously YOU!

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Star Power is a fabulous dynamic program designed to radically transform your life.

The passion, presence and freedom of living your heart’s desires liberates your abundance on all levels!

“Dr. Cynthia, your work is the strongest I’ve found. I LOVE the irony too that your voice is so sweet, nice and flowery yet the work being done is a downright ass-kicking!”

Adam Gainsburg

Founder, Soulsign.com

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