Spark Your Passion!

Are You Ready to Live Your Passion?

check  Expand your capacity to receive money and love.

check  Awaken into your purpose and fulfill your mission.

check  Connect to your passion to manifest your abundance.

Is it time to re-invent yourself? Your life is a piece of unique artBe the artist of your life! What are you currently creating?

Establish new neural pathways to receive your heart’s desires. Many women are wired to give and give. The patterns and frequencies to receive wealth and love are different from those used to give.

Most people design a business or work at a job and then fashion their life around their work.Create your work around your life!

Revitalize yourself, your business and your life. Ignite Your Passion!

A proven scientific approach that produces results!

Based on scientific research, 30 years of clinical practice and personal life experience reinventing myself numerous times, this program helps you to change the thoughts, beliefs and neural programs that influence your behavior, and sabotage your success. Based on the latest discoveries in quantum physics this program assists you to achieve the results you want.


check   Do you feel an unsatisfied gnawing inside?

check   Are you frustrated with your lack of progress?

check   Are you uncertain how to make the leap into living your true passion?

check   Do you want to be living a much bigger life than you are now?

check   Stop keeping yourself small just to fit in.

check   Inspire others by Expanding into Your Brilliance!

Learn how to use the power of your unconscious mind!

Learn how to harness the power of your unconscious to revitalize your life!

  • Most people try to control their thoughts and their conscious mind.
  • The only problem is that there are 40 nerve impulses per second to your conscious mind and 40 million nerve impulses per second to your unconscious.
  • Your unconscious is running your life.
  • Until your unconscious beliefs are transformed, you will keep achieving the same results!
  • You’ve seen the pattern. You just don’t know how to do something new.
  • Inner Alchemy is the process to shift these patterns!

The Proven Process . . .

  1. Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy is a process, refined over 30 years of clinical practice, to transform the programs, beliefs and thoughts that undermine your success.

Turn your fears and doubts into money and self worth.

Transform pain into pleasure.

Energetically Install and Activate Your Wealth Circuitry.

A personalized process, unique for you!

We will work with your 3 most wanted goals!

2. Feminine Wisdom

It is time to honor the feminine force that resides within your body. This wisdom and power has been made wrong for thousands of years and now women are being called to integrate their feminine essence into their personal lives and businesses.

Your desires are the impulse coming from your soul that leads you to fulfill your dreams. This is not the logical linear path of the left-brain.  This is the path of mystery that circles and spirals into the unknown, revealing magic and wondrous events along the way.

This is the path of creation that originates in a woman’s womb. When you create your life and business from your sacred inner wisdom, your abundance flows, your body relaxes and heals, and joy fills your life. Many women have been trained to suppress their inner wisdom and their hearts desires.

Learn how to receive wealth.

The truth is, when you fill yourself up first, you give from your overflowing passion, rather than giving from lack and stress. These limiting patterns have been woven into the cellular structures of women for ages.

Through the Inner Alchemy process we gently and gracefully unwind the past and create space for your money and happiness. I have been working with women for over 30 years, assisting them to live in wealth, ease and delight.

3. Inspired Action Steps

ART PROJECTS – you don’t need to be an artist; these are projects unique for you.

Your art taps into another dimension beyond your logical brain. Your art has messages for you to decipher. Like clues to a treasure map, your creativity leaves a trail leading you to manifest you desires. Your art is a way to expose what is unseen. Inspired action steps may arise from your art.

Move beyond your fears and bring your dreams to life! You will learn tools to help you use your fears as fuel to give you the power to take the necessary steps to create your wealth and the life of your dreams.

Unique INSPIRED ACTION steps – weekly steps to manifest your goals! As your Inner Alchemy takes place, the path becomes clear! Each week you will have specific steps to take to bring your dreams into reality.

Your Guide, Dr. Cynthia

In 1985 I received a Ph.D. in the Psychology of Change and Cellular Transformation.

My dissertation started out with drawings that came from my feminine intuition. In the beginning I had no idea what my images meant. And for three years in my dream state I went to a magical place. We sat on ornate silk and wool carpets, drank tea and exchanged ideas. During the day, books called out to me at the library. Occasionally books fell off the shelves. I read all of these.

I studied physics, cells, psychology, psychotherapy, consciousness, spirituality and systems theory. I wove together the key points or essence from each science and created my doctoral thesis. Back then, putting the two words, cellular and transformation together was a revolutionary concept!

Your life and business path is enhanced and refined by tuning into your whole body, not just your head. You can incorporate your art, dreams, and all dimensions into your work and your world!

 You are in the right place if you are ready for change!

What makes this program unique?


  • Inner Alchemy – one-on-one sessions transform your fears and blocks into manifesting your dreams

  • A multi-dimensional process based on 30 years of clinical practice working with thousands of clients

  • Based on neuroscience – this scientifically proven technology creates neural change to transform your life!

  • Not a cookie-cutter approach – this program is designed uniquely for you!

  • Activate your passion and creativity with art projects to awaken your inner genius

  • Create the space in your life for your wealth and dreams to manifest

Your life is meant to be a joyful adventure!

Is your life a joyful adventure, or are you slogging through life?

Are you here on earth to be a part of the evolution of consciousness?

Change your experience of life, clean up your nasty, sabotaging gremlin nerve bundles and thought patterns.

A story gets laid down in your nervous system when you are a tiny child and over the years, layers upon layers of nerve bundles wire together. Tiny nerve fibers intertwine and weave together. Imagine rusted snarled up, frayed electrical wires found at the dump encrusted with mud. These are the patterns and thoughts that stop you dead in your tracks, the ones that steer you down the path of failure, fear or scarcity. The guards at the gate to escape the fear path are frightening.

I can guide you safely through. This is an exciting journey into the depths of your passion and your soul.

Amazing treasures are waiting to be found. I know the path. As a psychotherapist and life style coach I have guided thousands of people down the river of change, the path of the unknown.

Before I received my Ph.D. I was one of the first women white-water river guides. It was exhilarating. I was terrified. I loved rowing passengers down the countries wildest and most dangerous rivers. The river taught me her secrets. I learned how to use fear to give me the power to propel my boat through devouring rapids.

Are you gambling your life away by not changing your neural programs from your childhood? When you are living in tune with your essence and your calling, multiple dimensions line up and magical wondrous events occur and unexpected doors open!

 Achieve profound results in 4 months!

The latest scientific research shows that it takes about 12 weeks for lasting change to be wired and programmed in your nervous system. My goal is for you to achieve results that will be with you the rest of your life!

This process works . . .

“I can’t sing your praises enough. Literally, a miracle of abundance occurred within 5 minutes after we completed our inner alchemy session.  After eliminating my personal blockages, you also moved my desk a few inches and I felt centered, present and in total alignment with my work. The phone rang and I was offered a million dollar account…which I closed over the phone! How can I thank you enough, Dr. Cynthia…. you KNOW what to do.  What a great guide you are.”  
Susan B.

Seattle, WA

“Dr. Cynthia, I have to tell you now everywhere I look I see things that I dreamed about having years ago. They just come to me effortlessly without asking for them. I did ask years ago and now they are showing up. Thank you, thank you!!!”


Durango, CO

“Dr. Cynthia is an alchemist who turns the base metal of your unfulfilled lifestyle and business into the gold of your dreams. She inspires, energizes and makes the whole thing fun!”

Barbara W.

Portland, OR

“Dr. Cynthia is far beyond what passes these days for a healer. Working with her you are surrounded with a heart so big and an intelligence so deep that you’ll be pushing past your old limits and diving deeper into yourself than you ever thought possible or may even recognize while it’s occurring. The experience with Cynthia is one of transparent power especially valuable for those who no longer find it fun or even interesting to hold onto their story. Cynthia’s is the leading-edge of evolutionary consciousness.”

Adam Gainsburg


“I have the creative urge so strongly alive in me. I love the endless mysteries being revealed to me. My finances have changed dramatically for the good.”



“It’s not often one gets a chance to remove unconscious fear by the roots! I am no longer driven by Fears, but am experiencing new freedoms, ease and joys in my life AND in my body. I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.”

Dr. Denise

Fulfill Your Density to Become Rich!

Safely come out of hiding. Your life and business is a precious container to hold your unique set of gifts, for you to blossom into abundance.

Your business provides offerings of joy, wealth and pleasure to enhance people’s lives. Use your business as a means to both personal development and wealth.

Your business becomes a chalice, overflowing with liquid light that transforms into abundance.

Your changing and evolving business reveals deeper and richer aspects of your luscious essence!

Watch your Finances Blossom!

Spark Your Passion is a full program to literally transform your

life and business from the inside out!

I am your guide into the unknown ~

your guide to ignite your passion!


You may not know what your life style and business will look like because it has never existed before. You are alchemically creating your business and the world around you. By manifesting your version of heaven on earth, in the form of your life and business, you are co-creating the new paradigm. What fun!


Spark Your Passion Program Includes:

  • This in-depth 4-month program includes up to four one-on-one calls a month. These calls will be either Inner Alchemy calls or Skype creative process calls.
  • The Inner Alchemy phone sessions rewire your body and are recorded so you can listen to one of the activating meditations every night. This ensures deep long lasting transformation and an alchemical transmutation in your body.
  • In the Skype sessions we explore your creative process and the evolution of your new business. These sessions are so much fun, very invigorating and empowering!
  • The Spark Your Passion System includes exercises, written materials, art projects, journal writing, ceremonies and rituals, and action steps for you to take.

I want you to be outrageously successful!


  Commit to Your Abundance and Joy!

What is the price you pay?


  • What is the price you pay for loss of income from self-sabotage and fear blocking your next steps?
  • What is the price you pay for what you currently earn? Stress, tight shoulders and a clamped-down heart are the side effects of not following your passion.
  • What is the price you pay for hiding in a small corner of your heart, afraid to let out your weirdness? The part that’s so different from everyone else, the part that been so deeply wounded which transforms into your gift and your riches.
  • What is the price your pay for silencing of the inner knowing that something needs to radically change?

This is a life-long investment. The results will manifest in all areas of your life!  

 What are you waiting for?

Are you ready for your next breakthrough into a more abundance?  This requires commitment. I work with only a few people a year with this proven life-changing program. I only accept people who are totally committed to creating change in their life. The true value of this transformation is beyond words and wealth.

Act Fast!

Limited Time Offer

special price of $28,000.

Regular package price is $48,000.

Your Next Steps . . .


1. Listen

Please listen to this complementary transformational MP3 before submitting your application.

It is imperative that your body responds to this type of high frequency energetic awakening. Of course, your VIP weekly MP3’s will be specific for you!


2. Apply

Click here for the application form.

I would love to have the honor to work with you!

Questions? Send me an email!

The passion, presence and freedom of living your heart’s desires liberates your abundance on all levels!

3. Email & Follow Up Call

After I receive your application, we will schedule a Discovery Session call to answer all your questions. (Value $1200)

Spark Your Passion is a fabulous dynamic program designed to radically transform your life.

Read my bio to discover how amazingly qualified I am to be your personal Life Style coach!

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