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Create a Unique Program for Your Transformation!

ReWire for Luscious Wealth is based upon thirty years of research, both clinical and scientific, plus personal experience. And, I have a Ph.D. in Cellular Transformation and the Psychology of Change. This process has been proven by thousands of people. I will assist you in discovering the hidden wealth within. This cutting edge book will change your life!

Connect to Your Passion!


Luscious Wealth is . . .


  • You wake up excited for the day to unfold
  • Passion runs through your veins
  • Your creations manifest into money
  • You have time and money to enjoy friends, travel and play
  • You inspire others to live in joy and peace
  • You make an impact on your world!

Frustrated, feel stuck, don’t know what to do?

You want to change, but nothing you’ve tried has worked?

The same old stuff keeps popping up?


  • Read ReWire for Luscious Wealth – a map for your journey of change, based on thousands of client’s experiences. Discover for yourself now
  • Discover the areas of your life where you are stuck or need help.
  • Listen to my free audio – a multidimensional journey of gratitude to guide you through inner change. Listen as often as you like for deeper transformation to occur (audio on left).
  • If you want dramatic transformation while reading this book, create your own one-on-one program with Dr. Cynthia.


Here are the steps . . .

  • Write down what you want to transform, part of our discussion will help you clarify this.
  • Lets talk about your luscious dreams.
  • The following are parts of the program that we will create together.
    1. A package of phone sessions to rewire your blocks and connect to your authentic passion.
    2. Check-ins – email, Skype, phone
    3. Action steps designed specifically for you.
    4. In your private program each session will be recorded and emailed to you for more profound inner alchemy to occur.
  • Send me an email and include your thoughts and message. I’ll get back with you within 24 hours to set up our phone or Skype session.

On your free call we will create a unique program for your transformation. (A $1,200 value)


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