Dr Cynthia

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Experience the exquisite delight, deep satisfaction and freedom of following your soul.

Live in the luscious flow of your divine soul.

Like a mighty river, the powerful wave of your soul transforms everything in its path.

Transform Your Life

Connect the magnificent frequency of your soul with the energetic wiring in your body.

The Transformation Process

Evolve into a new upgraded version of yourself and your life.

Live your soul’s purpose with joy, passion and abundance.

Be all you came here to be.

Dr Cynthia

After a near death experience in 1974, a luminous bolt of energy shot up my spine and out the top of my head, igniting my inner vision.

For over 32 years, I’ve guided thousands of people and developed proven technologies, based on quantum physics and multi-dimensional seeing, that create amazing life-lasting change. Discover more here and here.


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