“Connect to Your Soul.

Embody Your Soul Self.”


Dr. Cynthia

Your Soul Self

Your Soul Self is the merging of your body and soul ~

Become a more expansive version of your amazing true self

Is your unfilled potential longing to be expressed?

Do fear, confusion and doubt keep you stuck?

Are you ready to break free of old patterns that keep playing out in your life?

There’s hope, when you connect to your soul, everything shifts and miraculous events occur

You are invited to align the frequency of your soul with your body.


This allows you to:


Reach your full potential

Expand into your awesome self

Live your soul’s purpose with joy, passion and abundance


Enjoy the Exquisite Frequency of Your Soul


Here are some things you may experience:


your body feels better

tension melts

increased confidence

greater clarity

direction – next steps to take

on target with your soul’s purpose

you experience unconditional love


The exquisite frequency of your soul, just like your fingerprint, is unique to you. You won’t be led astray when you are in alignment with your souls frequency. The energy of your soul is filled with love and joy and guides you to your purpose with ease.

Your body and mind love the frequency of your soul.

Body relaxes

Mind clears

Fear dissolves

Heart opens

Passion flows

Power increases

Pleasure is the path to your purpose

All your desires, dreams and creativity come from your soul.

“Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality it can be no other way. This is physics.”   ~ Albert Einstein

Come Out of Hiding and Kick-Ass


Are you tired of watering yourself down, being small to fit in, masking your gifts and power?
Are you are to be seen for who you really are?


Are you tired of being invisible?

Be seen for how awesome you are. Let your full force flow, ALL OF IT.

The people who are afraid of your power are not the one’s for you to work with. The people who keep you small will either evolve or gracefully exit your life. New friends and partners will appear. The more you share your Soul Self, the deeper respect and value you will have.

It’s time to be seen, loved and acknowledged for who you really are. You probably have been hiding for eons, keeping your wisdom and gifts safe. The wait is over. It’s now safe to come into your full strength and use your power for the greater good.

In order for this to happen, your body and nervous system need to adapt to the luscious frequency of your soul. Fine tune your neural pathways to pick up your soul’s frequency. Imagine your nervous system is 110 volt wiring that gets burnt out, overwhelmed and fried You can shift to internal fiber optics where your light filled energy flows with speed and grace. Your gifts become super charged, lighting up the world.

It is my delight to help you re-wire your body. For over thirty years I’ve assisted thousands of people to re-wire their body connecting them to his or her Soul Self. My client’s results have been life changing, bringing in more fulfillment, love, health and abundance. Read more

Experience the incredible freedom gained from living your Soul Self.

Cynthia, your work is the strongest I’ve found. I LOVE the irony too that your voice on the phone is so sweet, nice and flowery yet the work being done is downright ass-kicking!

Your work, for me, IS at the leading-edge of our understandings in how consciousness transforms through all levels of our being.

Adam Gainsburg, Founder Soulsign

“Gain mastery over fear as your soul frequency expands in your body.”

Dr. Cynthia

Your Guide


My goal is to empower you to transform your life. This transformation will spill over into your work, relationships and whole life. Learn the hidden secrets and multi-dimensional tools to cellular transformation. This learning will occur naturally as your Soul Self is nurtured.

Learn how to transform your frequencies. This information will be with you the rest of your life, guiding you to the core of your heart’s desires.

In 1985 I received a Ph.D. in Cellular Transformation and the Psychology of Change. At the time, the words cellular and transformation were an unheard of combination.

I can see the roadblocks and distractions. After a near death experience in 1974 a bolt of energy shot up my spine, awakening an internal knowing and seeing into cells and neural programs that is still present today. Read more

I’ll be there to guide you. I’ll teach you how to maneuver around or dissolve obstacles blocking your path.

Experience inner freedom as your soul leads the way to your fulfillment.

This program is for people who are committed to living the depth and delight of their own soul.


You may ask, “Why do I need assistance to follow my own soul?”


As your body developed your nervous system grew to mimic the energy of your family, religion, culture and life experiences. Neural programs were conditioned by outside influences.

Other people’s energetic patterns are hard-wired into your body. That’s why it can be so hard to change.

Many of these energy patterns from other people don’t match the frequency of your soul. Conflicting frequencies block the flow of your soul’s essence.


Conflicting and Blocked Energies Create ~

Fear and panic

Inner turmoil

Confusion and doubt

Lack of self worth

Unfulfilled potential


Instead of trying to jam yourself into other people’s energy patterns that don’t fit,

or where large chunks of you are left out or shoved aside, choose the frequency of your soul.

Imagine being safe to be you, where your joy and gifts are fully seen, loved and accepted.

When your body comes into resonance with your soul frequency, your life unfolds in wondrous ways and inner joy and happiness expands.

conflicting energies in your body
energies of your Soul

I am simply blown away. More accurately I am blown home. The concept of meeting fear with radical gratitude is a magic bullet for me. My internal environment was raging and for the first time all the pieces were there to handle my situation. The panic was replaced by joy: total confidence builder. My life has radically transformed.

Tears of joy flowing from deep gratitude,

Shannon ~ Aspen, CO

The 5 steps to Your Soul Self


1. Choose to connect with your soul.

Create a direct connection with new neural circuitry.

Learn how to communicate with your soul through writing, art and creativity.


2. Clear the old debris and fear blocking your purpose, joy and delight.


3. Follow your special path to create your unique vision.


4. Expand into the fullness of who you are. Open to receive abundance on all levels


5. Keep listening to the call of your soul.

I was astounded! Extremely happy that it is INDEED POSSIBLE to heal the mind and create new neural pathways. My life has altered so deeply, I now experience the MAGIC results. Thank you Cynthia, I wish you could look into my being and see how much gratitude I have for the work you do.

Missy ~ Seattle, WA

An Evolutionary Process


Following your inner guidance is an evolutionary process to consciously align your soul and body.

I have gone through the process myself and guided thousands of people. I’m a guide into the unknown. I have a Ph.D. in Cellular Transformation and the Psychology of Change. Read more.

I’ve created multi-dimensional technologies based on quantum physics, molecular biology, psychology and shamanism. These proven processes create lasting transformation all the way down to the cellular level. When deep transformation occurs, your life changes beautifully. Old fears and patterns that used to run your life are replaced with connections to your soul. More of your souls essence flows freely through your body, radiating out into every aspect of your life.


I’d love to have the opportunity to work with you to transform your life in wondrous ways.

“Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.”  

Wayne Dyer

Life-Changing Program

This is an awakening process where you feel loved and supported while taking the steps to do what you came here to do. The latest scientific research reveals the key to change is to transform your neural programs.


  12 weeks

  Transform your life from the inside out. Become a more expansive version of your awesome self. Feel alive and at home in your body, rather than your body being a place you want to escape.

  8 private sessions

  One-on-one sessions with me on the phone or Skype. In these powerful sessions the innate wisdom of your body leads the way as we energetically re-wire your body to connect to your soul, release blocks and ignite your passion

 8 MP3’s

  Each session is recorded and I send you the MP3. Listen to the MP3 daily for best results. My clients love their sessions and report hearing new things every time they listen to their audios. Many listen to the recordings before bed to support the transformation process taking place while they sleep.

Weekly Emails

  Weekly emails with me:

  • Check-in to see how you are doing
  • Answer your questions
  • Give you specific insights on how to navigate, expand and receive.

Inspired Action Steps

  Weekly inspired action steps designed specifically for you. A variety of fun projects, journaling and unique action steps will assist you to open to receive your vision and align to your souls frequency.


Learn the Secrets of Cellular Transformation

  During the process of connecting to your Soul Self you will learn how to transform energy and shift cellular patterns. This is priceless information that will greatly influence your work, relationships and life.

If you are a healer or a coach, these technologies will raise the value and impact of your work. Thirty-five years of expertise of energetically re-wiring people’s bodies, distilled into simple processes you can learn and replicate in your business. Use these technologies to transform the people in your sphere to influence, contributing to greater global transformation.

I can’t sing your praises enough. Literally, a miracle of abundance occurred within 10 minutes after we completed our last session. I clearly intended on creating a safe and comfortable environment for running my business more effectively. The phone rang and I was offered a million dollar deal…which I closed over the phone!

How can I thank you enough, Dr. Cynthia…. you KNOW what to do.

Denise – Independent Advertising Executive

“The bigger the dream, the more important the team.”

Robin Sharma

Your Soul Self program includes:

12 Weeks of personalized transformation.

8 individual sessions with Dr. Cynthia.

8 MP3 recordings of your sessions.

Weekly emails

Weekly action steps to lead you to fulfill your untapped potential and live your vision

Learn the ‘Secrets’ of Cellular Transformation

Bonus Gifts:

The Art of Radical Gratitude, PDF. Stunning photography and insightful writing illuminate the tools to change your life with gratitude.

The Seven Stages of Change PDF. A map to help guide you through the process of change.


Price 28,000.

Special until October 31, 2017


Act fast, I only have a few spots available!

Apply NOW

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are a Piece of the Puzzle


You Are Here to Make a Difference!


You know you came here for a reason. You may not know exactly what you are to do, but a gnawing inside keeps you moving forward. Fear is running rampant throughout the world and you know there is a new paradigm evolving where everyone benefits.

As your Soul Self evolves, mastery over fear gets easier. Now solutions appear out of the blue. Doors open. Your life blossoms.

Living in the frequency of your soul is the greatest gift you can give your friends, family and the world. When you merge your body and soul, you automatically give others permission to live in their own soul frequency. As you expand into your Soul Self, relationships fill-up with more warmth and love. This ripples, spreading beauty and love around the world.

Each person has a unique part to the grand puzzle. As more pieces of the puzzle come together, a beautiful new reality emerges based on love.

There is hope for the future. The light of many souls will lead the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Are you ready to be a part of the wave of the future?

Where are you on the scale between these opposites?


fear takes over or mastery over fear

feel unworthy or valued and loved for who you are

old patterns keep repeating or open to new possibilities

feel lost and confused or living your soul’s purpose

unfulfilled potential or on track with your soul’s guidance

Unconscious fears and thoughts, ancestral programs and ingrained behaviors don’t change on their own. The neural patterns need to transform for lasting change to occur. If you are committed to change, I’m the one for you.

Your soul is longing to be seen and to make a difference by fulfilling your special purpose.



I would love for you to experience the unconditional love of your soul.

There is no greater joy than living in alignment with your souls frequency.

I have space to work with a few new clients who are committed to living their souls purpose. I’m excited to create miracles with you.


Your soul is calling.


Are you ready?


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